Audio pannable version of JW Player 5.10 just for non-commerical use
I personnaly exntended JW Player 5.10 source code in order to pan audio channels via Java Script API for bilingual encoded video files which are encoded that, for example, left side audio is Japanese and right side audio is English.
Details of my personal extension is posted to JW player's forum, please see How to extend JW Player to make audio to be panned via JavaScript API.

I don't ensure workness and stability of it and don't do any supports for using it. Use it as your own risks.

I strongly recommend getting original source code from LongTail's archives, patching accroding to above post and rebuilding player.swf BY YOURSELF. I don't do also any supports for this procedure.

But just for your convinience and trial, rebuilded player.swf is downloadable from here.
This zipped file includes exntended and rebuilded player.swf, jwplayer.min.js and so on.

This extended JW Player is available just for non-commerical use.
You absolutely can't use it for commercial use.
To confirm defitions of commercial use, you have to read LongTail's readme.html and license.txt.

Following is an example of using it.

Please be patient for downloading a sample MP4 file which is encoded bilingual audio. After finishing the download, video will begin to be played.

When you run this html file on your local PC, it may not work properly due to security settings of your PC, your browser, or your anti-virus software.


Sample video is made from video of NHK Creative Library, Japanese audio generated by Aques Talk and English audio generated by vozMe.

play left side audio only
play both left and right side audio
play right side audio only

Left< >Right   This slider works only with Chrome or Safari.

Panned value:  

mute     unmute

Above example is for downloadable MP4 files. You can also use it for RTMP protocol.
How to write Java Script for RTMP protocol, please see LongTail's documents

revised 2013/04/24. 2013/04/04 from TOKYO in Japan.